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Fall Services

GLC offers you a wide range of Fall Services.
Below are a few or the services that we are currently offering this fall.



Lawn Aeration (Core Aeration) can be for both thatch build up and compacted  soil. The key is to create space that will allow nutrients, water and air to better reach the roots of your grass.  Lawn Aeration essentially punches thousands of small holes in your lawn creating that needed space. Here are some of the benefits of Lawn Aeration:

  • Reduces soil compaction

  • Deeper healthier root growth

  • Improve nutrients uptake and use

  • Decreases water run off

  • Enhances thatch breakdown

  • Enriches surface soil


You get greener thicker/healthier lawn


Without new seed to rejuvenate your lawn your grass will grow old, tired and thin, causing weeds and turf to ravage your lawn. The older your grass is the slower it reproduces itself. Over seeding will make your lawn grow thicker and healthier, choking out weeds and diseased grass with new seed.  Over seeding is an essential part of any effective Lawn Service.



Colorful leaves are beautiful to look at but are not when  they are piled up on your lawn. Excess leaves can restrict sunlight, nutrients and water from reaching your lawn.  As a result, your lawn can suffer from disease, insects and overall stress. Let us take care of those pesky leaves for you.  Not only will we remove the leaves from your lawn and landscape but, we will also take the leaves with us when we are finished. Or if you like you could blow them to the  curve and we’ll pick them up.



Fall clean out is basically the cleaning of all of the flowers/mulch beds around your home.   The clean out includes the following :


  • Trimming bushes and shrubs down

  • Cut down and/or shape tall grasses

  • Cut down dead plants

  • Get rid of weeds, sticks, leafs and/or any type of debris


Gutter cleaning is one of the most important things you a do to maintain the beauty and value of your home.  When the gutters are full of leaves and  debris they become heavy causing them to pull away from the house.  This can lead to water overflows.  It leaks behind gutters and can make its way into your home. The gutters are the main part of the rainwater drainage system that helps prevent:

  • Foundation damage and flooded basement

  • Landscape destruction

  • Rotten wood

  • Termite, mosquito and cockroach infestation

  • Mold growth  

Regular maintenance is critical to keep your gutters clear and free flowing.

For more information call us at 317-774-9720. Thank you!

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