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Spring Services

GLC provides comprehensive list of Spring services for 2012.  We are now providing services to produce the best looking flower beds and lawns.  Contact us today for a free quote or to make an appointment.

Garcia Lawn Care is now offering all Spring Services.  Some of the services we are currently offering include the following:
  • Spring Clean Out - this includes cleaning of all flower beds, removal of all dead plants, leafs, stick, weeds etc. Also getting the flower beds for Mulch
  • Trim Bushes/shrubs and Trees - We will shape any shrub or bush or just trim them down a bit.  We also prune roses and we will cut any tree down or any broken branches and haul them away. 
  • Mulch - we have a variety of texture and colors to choose from .  We will deliver it, spread it, edge the flower beds and haul the trash away.
  • Bed Maintenance - periodic weed control applications  (granular & Liquid form Depending how bad the weeds are) keeping all your flower beds weed free. Our products WILL NOT harm flowers, lawn, shrub or trees.  These products are designed to effect weeds only.
  • Lawn Aeration - This service will increase water, nutrient and oxygen movement into soil improving rooting system and it will prevent fertilizer and pesticide run off from overly compacted areas.
  • Over Seeding - this service can help bald spots around your lawn become full and will help the rest of the lawn become thicker and lush.
  • Annual Plant Installation - Flowers/shrubs/trees and any other plant Installation - we have a variety of annual and perennials flowers.  In addition, we can deliver and install any type of shrub, bush and trees.

Contact us today for an appointment.
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